Thursday, 18 February 2010


Hi Dolls, Hope your all having a good week.
I'm really in the mood at the moment for baking something! and whats cuter than cupcakes?!
A couple of years ago I got a bit obsessed with making cakes and muffins! It was at least once a week I would of made a cake with pink icing or some sort of muffin.
At Christmas I made some vanilla shortbread in christmas shapes like gingerbread men and stars..I wish I done a little post about it but I didn't have the time.
A couple of birthdays ago I decided to throw a Alice in wonderland themed party and below are the cupcakes I made for it..I was so pleased with how they came out..I almost didn't want people to eat them as they were too cute!

So anyways I'm back in the mood to get the old mixing bowl out..I was browsing through google images for inspiration. I would definatly attempt the more "creative" ones out there as I consider myself quite "arty" (Ooh get me)! but I just don't have that much spare cash at the mo for all the fancy ingrediants a fancy cupcakes requires. I think this time I'll try the rainbow M&M ones, I'll post pics when I'm done :)
Below are two pics I found that I am going to make one day...How cute is the sesame street cupcakes??? :)