Friday, 29 May 2009


Hi, Here is my face of the day..I wanted to go for a matte look as this is very popular at the moment... I have to say that matte makeup is one of my favourite looks! (very 90s) I love matte grey eyes and a natural matte lipstick but today I wanted to try my new eyeshadow by revlon, I was lucky enough to get it on sale for only £3.36 in superdrug! Its the new matte range they have and the eyeshadow is riviera blue,which is a very dark navy. Its very smooth but definatly needs layering! But I quite like that as you can make it darker for a more dramatic look for a night out or apply one layer for a softer daytime look.I also wanted a matte lip so I mixed barry m 100 and 101 with prestige rosewood (this is a natural pink which will suit anyone) I felt I had to apply it on top as barrym's nudes are sometimes shocking on there own and I felt I looked like a bit of a zombie! lol : )
me being a nerd

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